Doggie Dates is a Not for Profit company, we rely on donations from our sponsors and amazing members! 

What we do at Doggie Dates NSW

  • We host social dog walking groups in our regions
  • We hold stalls at events
  • Provide assisted rehomes
  • Assist members who may be struggling 
  • Allow members to socialise their dogs safely.

As you can see it’s n
ot just a walk in the park, we’re so much more! 

Where we need support

We have many costs to run this organisation, these are the main ones that come to mind.

Some of our costs include:
  • Insurance
  • Company Costs
  • Legal fees
  • Stationary costs
  • Events (on and offline)
  • Stalls (hire fees, council fees)
  • Assistance for owners in need
  • Assisting rescues

Or you can donate directly to our bank account:

  • Account Name: Doggie Dates NSW
  • BSB: 012 477
  • Acc No: 31 555 9757
  • CFN: 26071
CEO and Director of Doggie Dates NSW and Central Coast Manager

I am known as Teddy or TJ and created Doggie Dates NSW in 2015. First we started up with Camden Campbelltown and then followed was Central Coast, Hills District & Surrounds and more recently Newcastle.

I work as a dog walker/pet minder though am slowly winding this back as I focus more and more on Doggie Dates. Up until 2021 Doggie Dates has been entirely funded by my husband and myself. That means insurance, donations, prizes, petrol *huge expense, gift cards and so much more. We are looking forward to becoming a charity so we can apply for some grants as it is creating a financial strain on us.

Aside from Doggie Dates, I enjoy walking and spending time with my own dogs, reading (non fiction) and writing. I also enjoy carrying out random acts of kindness. My favourite place is the beach (with my dogs) and I love the outdoors. I also enjoy true crime documentaries.

My main concern on the Coast is for the safety of dogs and their owners and this has become a real focus for me recently with all the dog attacks.

I have social anxiety and find it very hard to interact with people but fortunately Doggie Dates has helped me so much with that and I have stepped way outside my comfort zone.


DOGGIE DATES NSW, Director of Doggie Dates NSW

I am 58 and husband to Te’re who started Doggie Dates.

I am an Asset Finance Broker based on the Central Coast although have clients throughout the Greater Sydney region, NSW and interstate. Basically my job entails facilitating loans for business clients and individuals purchasing equipment and vehicles. I have worked in the industry for 25 years and became self employed in 2015 when I bought the business from my boss. A rather big decision at the time, costing heaps but thankfully it has worked out.

My interests are music, golf and the company of family and friends.

You don’t see me on all the walks as Doggie Dates is my wife’s passion, I just ‘go along for the ride’ sometimes. If you don’t know me, I’m usually the one out the front of the walk with Dolly(our Lab) and the bad joke teller. I sometimes appear extraverted but in reality am very introverted and always get in trouble from Te’re for not socialising.

I became involved in Doggie Dates by default in order to do what all husbands should, support their wives in pursuing their passion.

I feel I have made some good friends through this over the years.

CSA Financial Solutions



Lisa is one of our earliest members and bumped into us by accident. She is an amazing person and though she can’t always make it to the walks, she is incredibly committed to our cause, so much so we chose her to be one of our Directors. Lisa runs a very successful business in Campbelltown called Kip McGrath and has her own little dog called Indy.


Secretary of Doggie Dates NSW and Pack (team) Leader

I am Shelly Timp. Mum to Maximus. I am lucky enough to be the Secretary for Doggie Dates NSW. I am the editor of the exciting “Pawsitive Vibes” Newsletter which is always packed full of information and member contributions each week. I have been a ‘dog lover” for a very long time. I have grown up with many dogs and I have learnt a lot of life experiences through them. I have even completed some dog training with my previous dog – Tilly who was a very dominant and very smart kelpie-shepherd cross.

I have been involved with a Central Coast Flyball team and I also did a little agility again with Tilly as she got older. She passed away in 2018 from Renal failure and she left a massive hole in our heart even still. We were not going to have another dog until we had travelled around the USA. But then bushfires and covid was happening.

My husband had always wanted a Doberman and upon our return from a Hunter Valley trip, hubby decided it was time to find our Doberman puppy. That was January 2020 when Mogo had just had the bushfires. Maximus and his family all evacuated to the beach Christmas Eve (amazing as the puppies were born on the 8th of December 2020) until it was safe to return. Maximus was one of 8 puppies- 7 boys and 1 girl. He was the only one who stayed with hubby, playing with hubby’s shoe laces on the day we went to meet the puppies. The rest of the puppies all went inside the house to sleep. I was the lucky one to hold Maximus in the car all the way home. It has been a challenge trying to outthink a growing Doberman. We have enjoyed having him. He loves cuddles on the lounge and loves Doggie Dates so much. He still thinks he is a small dog even though he now weighs almost 45kgs.

I am a schoolteacher of 15–18-year olds’. I teach Hospitality, Food Technology and Textiles and Design. I find that this age group is a bit like puppies since I have to outsmart, outwit and outplay them all the time. I love my job, but I find now that I have Maximus, I hurry home to be with him rather than sticking around at school getting things done. Maximus has been terrific during covid. He is an interesting character and it has been fun seeing his “firsts” through his eyes. He has appeared on many zoom meetings and closes my laptop for me to tell me to take a break.

I love serving Doggie Dates members. I joined the CCCDD group page but I did not actually participate till around September. There I first met Sally Hudson and re-met Brooke Ulrich. Brooke and her boy Archie were in Maximus’s Canine Basics class. Maximus and Archie had to sit 10 metres apart as they had a love hate relationship. Now Maximus deliberately teases Archie and Archie growls at hime. That is normal for these too. But it was so good for me to see a familiar face. I have loved meeting all my Doggie Dates kindred spirits. I just want to finish by saying, Thank you so much for being part of Doggie Dates and making the group as good as it is.



My name is Jenny Lamaro and I have been a member of Doggie Dates for three years now. I joined with my lab Ebony when she was about 6 months old. I am married to a wonderful man, John and have two gorgeous adult children Courtney and Dylan. I now work in a school canteen after years of owning our own business. I enjoy cooking, paint by numbers and puzzles. Most of all I enjoy spending time with my family and friends at our house with their for babies and just enjoy each other’s company. Ebony and I have made some great friendships in Doggie Dates and Ebs has even got herself a boyfriend, who occasionally has a sleepover.



Central Coast Doggie Dates Walk Coordinator

HI everyone, I have been a member of CCDD for 2 years. Owned by Smokey & Rory. Instructor at Newcastle DTC. Currently studying Certificate III in Dog Behaviour & Training. I love caravan adventures with my dogs as well as taking them on bush walks. I am also married to a crazy man! I love sewing and have my own little page, Tri-Muttz Dog Coats. I made dog toys, bandanas, dog coats and more.

Hi I’m Alison Goldsmith and I am Mum to Max a 36kg black and white ball of energy and love. Our Max is a 7yo Am Staff cross rescue dog, that my husband & I rehomed 18months ago, after the kids left home and we moved to a house with a yard and a fence.

My previous experience with a dog was as a teenager when I had a miniature long haired Daschund. My husband had had Rottweilers  but lived on properties, so walking and socialising wasn’t necessary. The past 18months have been a huge learning rollercoaster & I honestly don’t know where we’d all be if it wasn’t for Doggie Dates.

When we 1st got Max his only speed was FAST. He ran everywhere, pulled horrendously on the lead and barked at everything. With regular “walks” some training & daycare he was improving. Then he was attacked by another on leash Staffy & not only did that set him back, but I was so nervous now walking him.

I put an emergency call into Tj & she convinced me to come to a walk. We did & in the 12months we’ve been walking the change to us both is amazing. When we first started walking we were either 10m off the path or 50m in front. Now Max loves his pack and his walks. He does still sometimes go off by himself, but his excitement is real when he sees his friends. Big, small, black, white or brindle it doesn’t matter now.

When I’m not being  Mum to Max I’m a lab technician with a local pathology company. I love to read, cycle, kayak & spend time with our 3 kids and their partners. Our Max is an old time dog. He sleeps outside in a kennel & you’ll never find him on the furniture. He comes inside for a couple of hours after dinner at night, but most of the time he’s outside. That’s where he loves to be. When we have to sleep him inside due to floods,he paces and whines.

We have both made life long friend through Doggie Dates. Max’s 2 besties are Bindy a little white fluffball and Maximus – a Dobie that outweighs him by almost 10kgs. Go figure. I love hosting walks, meeting new people and their dogs. I also love discovering new walks for our members. So come along and meet some new friends.

Dogggie Dates is Awesome !!!!


Newsletter contributor, Member, Treasurer

I am a qualified accountant with over 25 years’ experience in Australia and the United Kingdom in
the Not for Profit sector. I love travelling, enjoy meeting people and trying new foods. Growing up I
have always had a dog(s) by my side and in 2020 I was lucky to invite Rusty into our family



Sally Hudson

Manager of Hunter Valley Doggie Dates

Me with my loves Rosie and Jasper. Living our best life with my awesome family…hubby Phil, daughter Molly and granddaughters Zoe, Paige and Ella at Giant’s Creek.

Recent expat of the CC…moved to the country to create our best life! Cofounder of Happiness Habits (

Doggie Dates cheersquad member!