Meet our Leaders

Did you know we have over 30 volunteers that help us to run Doggie Dates NSW?  You can learn more about them here.


Central CoastI am a leader for Central Coast Doggie Dates.

On the walks I am accompanied by Teddy is my ruby Cavoodle who loves to show off her jumping skills and always wants to show the rest of the pack where to go. 


Cyggy is my lilac Burmese who doesn’t get to out on walks but loves to terrorise Teddy every evening.


I found Doggie Dates when I finished up work in late 2021 and Teddy could no longer attend Doggy Day Care.

I was looking for a way to keep her socialised and a way for me to find new friends.

I am grateful for the Doggie Dates advertising car magnet that I passed in the traffic. Teddy and I thoroughly enjoy our walks every week and have met so many new furry and human friends

I’m now hooked to doggie dates because I love to watch the way the doggies interact with each other – like long lost friends who haven’t seen each other in months.

The fur-parents are from all walks of life – I enjoy the social aspects of the group and the opportunies to make new friends.

Since finishing up paid work, I’ve taken up some voluntary work which keeps me busy, I am a gym junkie and love to keep fit, I have 5 adult kids and 12 grandkids, some of whom I care for at different times during the year. 

The constant question is – how did I ever fit work in?

Not everyone knows this about me but… I am a typical Aries who is very organised and loves to be in control of everything. I had a lengthy career as an educational administrator. I’ve been very lucky to travel extensively, most notably twice to Alaska to meet my high school pen pal. We’ve known each other for more than 50 years and met on 5 different occasions – besides Alaska – Las Vegas, Honoulu and Australia.

PS I’m thankful for this opportunity!

Tiffany W

I am a walk leader for the Newcastle Doggie Dates group 

My fur-family is made up by Ruby our crazy girl, Bruno our cuddle buddy boy and Leo our sleepy cat. 

I found Doggie Dates NSW after I wanted to socialise and exercise our dogs (and us too!). 

And now I am hooked because I enjoy meeting someone new on each walk and getting to know the regulars more each walk. 

When my family and I are not attending Doggie Dates we like camping, bon fires, swimming and ski trips! 

Not everyone knows this about me but I am a pisces, i have met Todd Lasance from Home and Away, I love snow and good chick flick!


Come along to a walk and meet some new people, your doggies will love you even more for it!

Halie E

I am a walk leader. walk leader assistant and huge fan for the Central Coast Doggie Dates group


On the social dog walks I am accompanied by Nimbus, our beautiful, crazy, fun-loving 14 month old fur baby. He’s the dog you often might see on the Facebook page that is more of a blur than a dog! 


I stumbled across Doggie Dates on Facebook when I was looking for a pet sitter on the coast Christmas 2021.

The first walk we ever attended was the Christmas walk which we absolutly loved. 


I took him off leash for the first time on the Boxing Day beach romp and fell in love with doggie dates… I haven’t looked back!

I am now hooked because of  the people, the dogs, the beautiful places we walk… Doggie Dates is motivating, encouraging and supportive. 


When I’m not at Doggie Dates I am… Think about Doggie Dates… haha. But also, I am a primary school teacher by day but on weekends and holidays my husband Jason and I love to find new and delicious places to eat and drink as well as as finding new places to explore!

Not everyone knows this about me but… I am a kiwi- don’t hold that against me! 😂 

PS Doggie Dates came into my life at a time I really needed it, without me even realising. I am in my happy place when walking Nimbus with my Doggie Dates friends!


I run the Hunter Valley and Surrounds Doggie Dates group.


On the walks I am accompanied by Rosie -28 months: Amstaff x Greyhound. She’s my cat/dog-I will love on you when I feel like it!


Beautiful nature, a little eccentric (like me) and has anxiety over weird stuff ; like me offering her a treat outside of what she perceives as ‘normal’ treat time. Gorgeous, great with other dogs and with children.


Jasper- 15 months. 35 kgs of Mastiff x Ridgeback nuttiness. LOVES food, any food. Loves his squeaky ball, which he and his sister ‘sing’ to when he squeezes it (hilarious). 


Great with other dogs and with kids. He’s a lap dog and a flopper, so lots of getting squished!


They are my loves!! We also have 6 chooks…but that’s a story for another day 😉


I found Doggie Dates when my old dog was attacked and almost killed, I grew nervous about walking my dogs.


When my 2 old dogs eventually went over the rainbow bridge and I got Rosie as a pup (what was I thinking! LOL) my daughter researched ‘walking groups’. That’s how Tj and I first met and Rosie was a DD girl.


I started the Chittaway and Long Jetty walks, which I believe was instrumental in the many walks you see today 🙂

I’m hooked with Doggie Dates! Initially it was just the safety factor of the group walk but it soon developed into a love of the groups and the regulars. It’s undeniably good for your mental and physical health.


I missed DD when I moved from the coast to Giants Creek, so was very happy when Tj agreed to have a group up here 🙂


Not everyone knows this about me but… I am the co-founder and CEO of Happiness Habits, which means sitting at my computer working or travelling to teach our courses and workshops.


I live with my husband Phil, daughter Molly and 3 granddaughters Zoe-who’s a DD regular, Paige and Ella on a small acreage in Giants Creek and spend lots of time with them as well as my fur babies. I have family and friends on the coast who I visit as often as possible as my mum has dementia.

PS Doggies Dates is a simple yet brilliant way to support individuals and their loved ones, be they dog, human or other.