All dogs are not created equal!

It’s a broad statement we know, but not all dogs are happy-go-lucky bundles of joy that want to play with everything that moves.. A bit like humans you have the happy ones, the shy ones, the anxious ones, and the old, injured or fragile ones, so why do we make a “one size fits all” approach to play? Well, we don’t! Welcome to Sniffspace.

Most dogs have specific triggers related to past experiences or simply how they think, they aren’t robots, they are real, living beings with personalities, fears, and frustrations just like us and that’s why
we created Sniffspace.

Our Project Manager Rafferty (kelpie x) is one such dog. Gorgeous, goofy, and an introvert to all but his close friends and family.

So, after many years of getting frustrated with the many unwelcome interactions in off-leash parks (not many visits) and on-lead walking tracks we decided it was time to create a complete network, all over Australia of Safe. Secure. Sniffari spaces that could be booked and enjoyed by all dogs, not just the anxious ones, without the stress.

Now it’s time to shout from the rooftops to all those Aussies with beautiful backyards, paddocks and acreage’s to list their space. Help us change the lives of dogs, 1 sniffari at a time. 

A message from DDNSW:

Doggie Dates NSW highly recommends SNIFFSPACE which is why they are a sponsor for us. We know from our very different dogs that come along to walks, that they aren’t all suited off leash together or off leash at all. We’d love you all to join up to SNIFFSPACE and start exploring the various areas your dogs can explore without any issues arising!

Tracey and her furry founder – Rafferty

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