We keep hearing that other countries are much more pet friendly, especially the UK and America. We hear about dogs going on trains and visiting shops without any issues. Yet here on the Central Coast, the dog friendly options (which are already far and few between) are being decreased. We have this short interview just showing one couple who have moved from another country and the differences they have found (as well as their travel experience. For Central Coast people we ask you to PLEASE fill in the survey to help keep our dog friendly spaces open.


With that in mind, we would like to introduce you to Ingrid, Howard and their two pooches Coco and Sophie, two spoodles. Coco is the cream one and is 5 years old and Sophie is smaller and is 3 years old and the alpha dog of the two.

They moved from Scottsdale, Arizona, USA to the Central Coast of Australia. They settled in Bateau Bay because it was close to lakes and beaches as well as being a quieter lifestyle for them, away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Moving from the USA to Australia was extremely stressful and both Howard and Sophie are still wondering how they got through it. Other people who had gone through the process were very supportive and said that dogs are very resilient!! They drove them from Arizona to Los Angeles and from there they boarded a flight to Melbourne. They had to be in a special crate (not allowed to be kept together) and they are kept in the cargo of the plane ( 17 hour flight). No food allowed and no medication for anxiety or sedation! Extremely nerve racking! After that they had to spend another 10 days in Quarantine in Melbourne. The separation and anxiety was so difficult. When they went to pick them up from quarantine, Sophie had lost her voice from howling.

After the stress of travel, they then encountered the lack of options for including dogs in their lifestyle and found America to be much more dog friendly. Dogs are allowed in shopping malls (on leash) and can go into any store as long as there is no food. Most of the restaurants have outdoor areas for dogs. In the area they lived, dogs were not seen roaming the streets and if by chance a dog did get lost or escape, a message on the next-door app had people searching everywhere.

Many areas in the neighbourhoods of Scottsdale /Phoenix have wildlife which consist of coyotes and bobcats. These prey on rabbits and also small dogs and cats. Because of this, people do not let their pets outdoors (even in their yards) without supervision. These animals can easily climb a 2m wall and it was not uncommon for them to grab small pets. As a result, pet owners were far more responsible for their dogs and cats.

Coming to Australia has been very exciting as in Arizona there were not beaches (it is desert like). Their dogs had never seen a each and love digging in the sand but do not go near water.

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