Greater Bank’s Greater Central Coast Community Funding Competition

Doggie Dates NSW Ltd has been nominated in Greater Bank’s Greater Central Coast Community Funding Competition. Please vote as often as you can (FROM 6th FEBRUARY) on the Greater Bank voting page here to maximise our chances of winning $3,000 in funding from the bank. Visitors to the Greater Bank website may vote once per hour.” As you know we rely on donations from participants and the general community to help us successfully run […]


We keep hearing that other countries are much more pet friendly, especially the UK and America. We hear about dogs going on trains and visiting shops without any issues. Yet here on the Central Coast, the dog friendly options (which are already far and few between) are being decreased. We have this short interview just […]


BY SNIFFSPACE All dogs are not created equal! It’s a broad statement we know, but not all dogs are happy-go-lucky bundles of joy that want to play with everything that moves.. A bit like humans you have the happy ones, the shy ones, the anxious ones, and the old, injured or fragile ones, so why […]

A Dog on a Slip Lead

Written by Sarah Dawson-Shepherd When I first got Georgie, she was a one year old rescue who had had a very traumatic start to life.  The pound were happy for us to take her as we had a 3 acre property that, as a working dog, she would have the space to run around on.  […]

Mental health was always in the background for me until….

Written by Shelly, Secretary of Doggie Dates NSW That was until February 2004 when my life was almost taken away from me. Saved by air bags is what the ambos said when they pulled me out of my crushed car after a drunk driver decided not to wait for traffic and sped out, lost control […]

Travel and your dog

(enjoy the photos of various members dogs on holidays!) Has dog ownership meant that you have had to decrease (or cease) your travel because you don’t trust anyone with your best friend or because your best friend has anxiety and isn’t happy away from you? Or maybe you want to travel but you just can’t […]


      Some of you from Doggie Dates NSW Ltd would heard of Paws Pet Therapy. Several of our members are involved with them and it is an amazing journey. We consider them to be our friends and like to support them. Paws Pet Therapy is a charity which brings the love of dogs to people […]

Wet wet and more wet!

We have lost count of how many days of rain and flooding we have had on the Central Coast, but around three weeks. We know other areas have been hit really badly as well. Our dogs are over the rain (they even look depressed) and everything feels wet, smelly, muddy and disgusting. Does the weather […]

Dogs and Grief (through CSA)

*CSA – child sexual assault. There are references to CSA throughout this article and helpful links at the end. I’ll be brightening up this post with many many images of owners and their dogs. I put a call out for photos of dogs and their family. So many came through. Many more than I could […]

Doggie Dates and Me (Sharon French)

Thank you Sharon for this beautiful and poignant article. It is certainly a tear jerker and it definitely makes us proud and happy for what we are achieving. While Doggie Dates is all about the dogs, it is also all about the humans and you will be welcomed. I was asked to write about what […]