Greater Bank’s Greater Central Coast Community Funding Competition

Doggie Dates NSW Ltd has been nominated in Greater Bank’s Greater Central Coast Community Funding Competition. Please vote as often as you can (FROM 6th FEBRUARY) on the Greater Bank voting page here to maximise our chances of winning $3,000 in funding from the bank. Visitors to the Greater Bank website may vote once per hour.” As you know we rely on donations from participants and the general community to help us successfully run […]

Assisted Rehomings

We have had an increasing amount of requests to assist with rehomings recently. In some cases we can help. We understand that sometimes unexpected circumstances prevent people from being able to keep their dogs and we understand how hard this decision can be.  Genuine assisted rehomings Dogs must be desexed Dogs must be up to […]


It has come up a few times recently and we think it’s time to set the record straight about why we have rules and why we are so firm on this. Most of you will be familiar with our black flyers that we try to hand out to new participants at our walks. Recently a […]


We want to thank those who have already contributed items or paid for tickets! The support we have been receiving of late has been overwhelming and finally our bank account is starting to actually look a little better. For those who are unaware of the raffle; CFN/26071 Our Christmas Raffle is open and we’d love […]

Helping your Dog Live their Best Life through Doggie Dates NSW.

We at Doggies Dates NSW love dogs. One of our aims is to provide information and opportunities for your dog to live its best life. We know the impact Doggie Dates NSW make on owner’s lives in regards to increasing your happiness when attending walks, but what about your dog’s happiness? We put great emphasis […]


Finally, we are back updating the website and getting ready for when lockdown finishes. Over the last few months constantly having to cancel and move events has been so upsetting. We want to thank all of those who have taken the time to engage on our page helping us to feel like we are still, […]

Doggie Dates NSW Poll

Why Some Members Haven’t Attended Walks Recently we had a poll across all the groups asking several questions aimed at members who had never attended a Doggie Dates walk. While the answers were interesting, they were also expected, based on what we have heard from talking to people previously. We thought we would share the […]

Socially Distancing Dogs at Doggie Dates…

…Why it’s a good idea! Te’re Melrose Founder DDNSW I am going to talk honestly here and really hope all our members read it. I know I can appear bossy and on occasion I have had to make the difficult decision to ask people to leave the group. Never to this date because of their […]

Introducing Jackie

The Hills District & Surrounds Doggie Dates: Find this group on: Recently Doggie Dates was able to share the exciting news that we have finally branched out to the Hills District and Surrounds led by the amazing Jackie. But most of you have no idea who she is – where she came from and […]

Who is that man – my husband?

I thought it appropriate to introduce you all to the person I call my ‘long suffering husband.” I love this photo of him with Danny the resin dog taken at Dogs in the Park recently. He tried to enter him in the happiest dog competition which gives you an idea of my husband. Many of […]