We keep hearing that other countries are much more pet friendly, especially the UK and America. We hear about dogs going on trains and visiting shops without any issues. Yet here on the Central Coast, the dog friendly options (which are already far and few between) are being decreased. We have this short interview just […]

Dog Friendly Eateries

We are collating a list of our favourite dog friendly eateries. Have one to add? Great, contact us with the details or leave a comment below.  Sorted by regions… Central Coast & Lake Macquarie Caves Beach Bar and Bungalows – (02) 4980 9999 – 27 Mawson Close Caves Beach Newcastle Young Street Hotel – 02 4023 5906 – 132 Young Street, Carrington (Has […]

Assisted Rehomings

We have had an increasing amount of requests to assist with rehomings recently. In some cases we can help. We understand that sometimes unexpected circumstances prevent people from being able to keep their dogs and we understand how hard this decision can be.  Genuine assisted rehomings Dogs must be desexed Dogs must be up to […]


BY SNIFFSPACE All dogs are not created equal! It’s a broad statement we know, but not all dogs are happy-go-lucky bundles of joy that want to play with everything that moves.. A bit like humans you have the happy ones, the shy ones, the anxious ones, and the old, injured or fragile ones, so why […]

A Dog on a Slip Lead

Written by Sarah Dawson-Shepherd When I first got Georgie, she was a one year old rescue who had had a very traumatic start to life.  The pound were happy for us to take her as we had a 3 acre property that, as a working dog, she would have the space to run around on.  […]

Travel and your dog

(enjoy the photos of various members dogs on holidays!) Has dog ownership meant that you have had to decrease (or cease) your travel because you don’t trust anyone with your best friend or because your best friend has anxiety and isn’t happy away from you? Or maybe you want to travel but you just can’t […]

Wet wet and more wet!

We have lost count of how many days of rain and flooding we have had on the Central Coast, but around three weeks. We know other areas have been hit really badly as well. Our dogs are over the rain (they even look depressed) and everything feels wet, smelly, muddy and disgusting. Does the weather […]


We recently had a post up about Jazzy, our dog whom we adopted (rescued) from a ‘breeder’. We know that there are outstanding breeders out there and think it is important to share this information that we received from Joanne Barnes. If anyone has any specific questions please post them underneath and we will ask Joanne […]

Socially Distancing Dogs at Doggie Dates…

…Why it’s a good idea! Te’re Melrose Founder DDNSW I am going to talk honestly here and really hope all our members read it. I know I can appear bossy and on occasion I have had to make the difficult decision to ask people to leave the group. Never to this date because of their […]


by Te’re Melrose We put a call out for crate pictures before publishing this article. THANK YOU SO MUCH! We got so many that we couldn’t publish them all. THey are amazing and show just how much our members love crates. *Please note I am not a trainer. I am a dog walker/pet minder/owner and […]