Doggie Dates and Me (Sharon French)

Thank you Sharon for this beautiful and poignant article. It is certainly a tear jerker and it definitely makes us proud and happy for what we are achieving. While Doggie Dates is all about the dogs, it is also all about the humans and you will be welcomed. I was asked to write about what […]


Today I heard a beautiful quote on AGT, from the lovely “Nightbirde” – singer / songwriter who recently lost her battle with cancer, yet in so many ways she won, because she refused to let it define her. She grasped onto her 2% chance of survival and refused to let it beat her down. “You […]


Armani I am 25 years old, and live in Mount Druit. I started attending Campbelltown Camden and The Hills District & Surrounds Doggie Dates last year. Three years ago I suffered with high blood pressure and fluid on my brain causing me to have emergency brain surgery. After three long months of recovery in hospital, […]


It has come up a few times recently and we think it’s time to set the record straight about why we have rules and why we are so firm on this. Most of you will be familiar with our black flyers that we try to hand out to new participants at our walks. Recently a […]

Keeping Our Pets Safe this Season

Have Merry Christmas and Happy New Year on Us Vets report an increase in pet emergencies over the Christmas and New Year. These are avoidable emergencies just by having the right information, so we are Doggie Dates NSW are here to help. We think the two most common emergencies come from the following: LOST PETS […]

Fostering Positive Relationships on Doggie Dates Walks

We at Doggie Dates NSW are all about building confidence and making friends when it comes to our members and furbabies. We aim to foster positive experiences for all. When we see dogs the first thing most of us want to do is to say hello and pat them. However, this is not the first […]

Helping your Dog Live their Best Life through Doggie Dates NSW.

We at Doggies Dates NSW love dogs. One of our aims is to provide information and opportunities for your dog to live its best life. We know the impact Doggie Dates NSW make on owner’s lives in regards to increasing your happiness when attending walks, but what about your dog’s happiness? We put great emphasis […]

Increasing your happiness through Doggie Dates NSW

Doggie Dates NSW is about connecting with the community through a friendly dog walking group. This is most likely the reason you joined us. Did you know that as a Doggie Dates member, you yourself can organise a Doggie Dates walk with other members. This is called an informal walk where you get to choose […]