Finally, we are back updating the website and getting ready for when lockdown finishes.

Over the last few months constantly having to cancel and move events has been so upsetting. We want to thank all of those who have taken the time to engage on our page helping us to feel like we are still, “making a difference.”

Things will look a little different when Doggie Dates walks start up again.

We will require everyone to social distance. Last year, we found this really challenging. We need our members to understand that this is essential for us to schedule walks again.

We are also looking at different options but will wait to see what the expectations are for outdoor activity. We have already received a couple of negative reactions regarding this but we ask our members to please respect the choices we make, it is only to keep US safe and to follow rules set by those above us. We already have a QR code and are ready to go. In the past people have not taken our sign ins seriously (for insurance purposes and for group data) but we are asking people to start to take this seriously.

Changes may include:

QR check in for formal and informal walks

Text/Paper sign in continues for formal walks and may be implemented for informal walks

Limits of numbers at every walk

Wearing of masks

Asking members to only attend one informal walk a week to begin with

NO group gathering. Please wait well apart from one another

A leader to manage ALL walks including informal walks

Other points to note:

Please get into the habit of reading the event information and updates regarding all our walks.

Some additional things to note:

Central Coast Doggie Dates is running a Walk of Hope on 24th October, a combined event with Happiness Habits. Please contact us if you can help or provide resources for this event. We are continuing to look for donations for this event and for our group as a whole.

We are currently applying for our Charity Status and are looking forward to updating you on this soon.

We have a number of items to give away for people who need assistance. This will be posted on our Central Coast group as we are unable to leave our LGA at the moment.

Thank you for your ongoing support, whether that is just with liking posts, sharing posts, commenting on page, or supporting us in some other way. We really appreciate it.

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  1. I feel we have to do whatever it takes to stay safe. If that means following a few sensible precautionary measures then so be it.
    Maybe encourage all walkers to get vaccinated as I am to ensure the safety of everyone.

    1. Unfortunately I think this would be very hard and we would probably be viewed negatively. But we hope that our members are taking their health and the health of our fellow walkers seriously 🙂

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