We at Doggie Dates NSW are all about building confidence and making friends when it comes to our members and furbabies. We aim to foster positive experiences for all.

When we see dogs the first thing most of us want to do is to say hello and pat them. However, this is not the first thing you should do. This could be overwhelming for both the dog and their owner.

Attached are some links which expertly explain the correct way to approach dogs in many different situations. At DoggieDatesNSW the same principles apply.

Firstly, why shouldn’t you just run up and pat other dogs on Doggie Dates walks.

  1. If you yourself have a dog, then two dogs may disagree and become aggressive without being properly introduced first. Not all dogs like each other.
  2. Many dogs can become frightened with noise or sudden surprise movements.
  3. The dog may see you as unfriendly, therefore allowing the owner to talk to you first will let the dog know you are friendly. Remember the dog doesn’t know you.
  4. Some members who attend and have a dog may have a fear of other dogs themselves, so talking to the owner first is a good idea.
Two dogs introducing themselves in a calm manner.

Now you are armed with the knowledge of why we don’t just run up to dogs or even let our dog run up to others dogs, how should you approach other dogs?

  1. Keep your dog on a short leash when approaching.
  2. Say hello to the owners, ask permission to approach, introduce yourself and have a chat before acknowledging dogs.
  3. Acknowledge dog with a gentle pat and a gentle voice.
  4. Let the dogs say hello with a sniff but keep hello to a short 1,2,3,4,5 then separate. Be careful not to tangle leashes.
  5. If you yourself are apprehensive with other dogs, speak to the owners about it and ask to greet their dog. They will be able to give you some tips. There are many dogs, big and small, that are calm and some dogs that attend may even be therapy dogs.
Short leash and quick greet.

We hope to see you at walks soon.

How to Greet a Dog – 11 Tips To Help You Pass The Sniff Test (gopetfriendly.com)

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Dog-to-Dog Greetings: Your Dog Doesn’t Need To Say Hi – American Kennel Club (akc.org)

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