We at Doggies Dates NSW love dogs. One of our aims is to provide information and opportunities for your dog to live its best life. We know the impact Doggie Dates NSW make on owner’s lives in regards to increasing your happiness when attending walks, but what about your dog’s happiness?

Happy dogs and happy owners.

We put great emphasis on the fact that your dog does not need to have perfect behaviour and we encourage you and your dog to attend walks and seek support from us if your dog has behaviour socialisation issues. All the research tells us that to address these issues, dogs need to be provided with opportunities to practise good behaviour. 

Supervised on leash play.

On Doggie Dates NSW walks your dog will develop confidence in being around other dogs. It may start from following or observing other dogs and their owners from a distance or just learning to stand calmly or walk past other dogs without reacting. By attending regular walks, over time your dogs will benefit. 

Dogs of all sizes and personalities.

Part of developing confidence in your dog is exposing them to different environments. Doggie Dates NSW provides opportunities for your dog to experience different environments and situations in a safe supportive way. These opportunities range in small and large groups of dogs and their owners at parks, beaches and bush walks or walks for small dogs only, large dogs only or all breed types big and small. 

Beach, parklands and public areas are just a few of the different environments Doggie Dates NSW hold walks.

All dogs have different needs regarding play levels. There are dogs that attend walks that need to interact with other dogs constantly during the walk whilst other dogs are happy just walking beside another dog calmly. What ever your dog’s preference is, they will likely find a best friend they connect with. Doggie Dates NSW walks provide an opportunity for this to be done in a safe, supervised and managed way.  

Best buddies

If you have not attended a walk (it’s really why you joined) then don’t make excuses. Take the step and check out the formal or informal walks events we have organised through our Facebook groups. We hope to see you soon. 

Further useful information on dog socialisation can be accessed through the following links:



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  1. I love Doggie Dates and look forward to it each week, it’s my time with my dog.. we forget about the day we had and just enjoy the company of other people and their dogs. Some days I talk other days just happy to be in the crowd..❤️

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