A safe relaxed atmosphere.

Doggie Dates NSW is about connecting with the community through a friendly dog walking group. This is most likely the reason you joined us.

Did you know that as a Doggie Dates member, you yourself can organise a Doggie Dates walk with other members. This is called an informal walk where you get to choose the location and time. All you need to do is contact us with the information and we will create an event for you. You then just turn up with your dog and greet other members waiting with their dogs with a friendly hello and smile. It’s that simple.

The location does not have to be a fancy adventurous or exciting place. It could be your regular walking route, a local park near you, or any other place you deem suitable for walking with others.

Walking with friends/members is safer and much more fun.

Developing connections through informal walks with other members in your local area can open up opportunities for friendships, give you a sense of belonging and provide you with a purpose and something to look forward to.

We know that many people in our community silently combat depression and loneliness and often disconnect from other people. Doggie Dates NSW provides you with a pathway to connect with like-minded people who love dogs just as much as you and can offer the friendship and support you may be seeking.

So go ahead and take the step to organise an informal walk or join an existing informal walk. Contact us if you are interested in organising an informal walk yourself. It’s simple.

Further information on the importance of connecting with others can be found at Connections matter – Beyond Blue

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