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Recently Doggie Dates was able to share the exciting news that we have finally branched out to the Hills District and Surrounds led by the amazing Jackie. But most of you have no idea who she is – where she came from and how she came to be the new head of what is going to be an incredible group with almost 300 members already!

Jackie is a friend I have had for over half my life now! We met as “pen pals” aged 18. Jackie’s daughter Jemma found this quite entertaining. Yes, for the younger generation, this is what we oldies did in the 80s and 90s, we wrote letters. Jackie and I were linked through a penfriend group and both loved animals. Funnily enough in Jackie’s second letter to me she told me she would like a dog, but her mum wouldn’t let her. How her life has changed!  We both lived in New Zealand back then but in different parts of the North Island. I came to Sydney in 1993 and some 25 years later Jackie followed., moving to Melbourne All this time we remained in touch, through the birth of our children and their many adventures.  In 2017 Jackie moved to Sydney and became a pet minder on top of her full-time job as a payroll manager for Nestle. It was then that we really started talking dog. I knew she still adored animals, but I don’t think it had dawned on me just how much. For some time, I had thought about asking her if she was keen to get involved. I  became aware that she had started a walking group (for the Heart Foundation) and then it clicked that she really was an organised and motivated person on top of being a long-time friend who I could trust to head up a group in a different area on her own but follow the ethics of Doggie Dates NSW.

Besides pet minding, working and walking for her Heart Foundation group and playing bowls, Jackie is extremely busy with her almost adult daughters. Natasha is in the NZ development squad for bowls (developing to be in the NZ national team) and is also a swimming teacher. Jemma, the younger of the two is into AFL and is a swimming teacher. Jackie also has a partner who enjoys bowls as well. They have three beautiful dogs and two cats and often look after other dogs or do home visits.

Jackie has so much to offer Doggie Dates NSW and already has done an outstanding job with The Hills District & Surrounds Doggie Dates. We can’t wait to see what the future holds and thank her so much for this amazing start! Please welcome her!

We would like to share with you both Jackie’s business and her heart foundation group.

Heart Foundation:

What a fabulous thing that people do getting together to walk to better their health. Jackie’s group runs twice a week and is dog friendly.

You can find her pet minding business on Instagram:


And on pawshake (google pawshake Australia) and look up Baulkham Hills NSW and Pawsome Pet Minder will come up. Jackie has an incredible 112 reviews currently which can only be left after a job is complete. She also has 31 recurring guests. Jackie currently offers daycare, dog walking, home boarding and home visits.

To get there directly you can pop this in your browser:

A normal day in Jackie’s household

Mix of Jackie’s dogs and some visitors.
All incredibly well behaved.
Jackie is just a natural with the dogs.

Jackie’s Fur Fam:

Marley Labradoodle Rehoming


Sammy Shihtzu Maltese


Roxy Labradoodle

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    1. Ditto. I feel very fortunate to have her running this group. She is really capable and has the skills required and certainly nothing holding her back.

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