Wow just reading the title makes you think carefully about your dog.

Here at Doggie Dates NSW we always talk about how attending walks and socialising improves mental health in humans, but have you ever wondered about the mental health status of your dog?

Man and his German Shepherd dog

The attached link explains it all so thoroughly and it directly applies when interacting with other dogs during DoggieDates walks. You may even develop a better understanding of your own dog.

You may be aware of our Triple AAA standard of practice when interacting with other owners and their dogs…

ASK: ask the owner of the other dog whether it is okay to approach.
ACT: only approach if the answer is ‘yes’ or walk away if the answer is ‘no’. ACHIEVE: stay safe and have fun.

Asking for permission to approach

The reason for adhering to this standard of practice is because we can never be sure of the other dog’s mental health status. Only the owner knows. We all know our own dogs. We all need to be proactive by speaking up for our dogs and keep them safe.

These dogs are familiar with one another. The owners have done a safe introduction.

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