Why Your Assistance Matters

 Our Initiatives at Doggie Dates NSW

🐾 Social Dog Walking Groups

  • Interact and socialize: Bring dogs and owners together
  • Strengthening communities: Fostering connections through shared experiences

🎪 Event Stalls

  • Raising awareness: Spreading our message at events
  • Engaging the community: Promoting responsible dog ownership

🤝 Member Support

  • Assisting struggling owners: With guidance and support
  • Supporting our community: Providing a helping hand when needed

🐾 Safe Dog Socialization

  • Positive interactions: Creating a safe environment for dogs to socialize
  • Enhancing well-being: Promoting healthy relationships among furry friends

🌍 Community Events

  • Inclusivity for all: Organizing non-dog social events
  • Building camaraderie: Strengthening bonds within the community