Mental health was always in the background for me until….

Written by Shelly, Secretary of Doggie Dates NSW That was until February 2004 when my life was almost taken away from me. Saved by air bags is what the ambos said when they pulled me out of my crushed car after a drunk driver decided not to wait for traffic and sped out, lost control […]


      Some of you from Doggie Dates NSW Ltd would heard of Paws Pet Therapy. Several of our members are involved with them and it is an amazing journey. We consider them to be our friends and like to support them. Paws Pet Therapy is a charity which brings the love of dogs to people […]

Dogs and Grief (through CSA)

*CSA – child sexual assault. There are references to CSA throughout this article and helpful links at the end. I’ll be brightening up this post with many many images of owners and their dogs. I put a call out for photos of dogs and their family. So many came through. Many more than I could […]


“If there are no dogs in Heaven, then when I die, I want to go where they went.” – Will Rogers Today marks 12 months since our beautiful Lizzy, 14, passed away after a short illness which was sudden and unexpected. We had, in many ways, been preparing ourselves for a long time but we […]

Holistic Healing for your Pet (and you)

We invited Ray McIntyre to share with us about her business and help it can help pets (and people) in many ways. We think this is a beautiful form of healing to help the body and mind of our fur friends and their owners. We hope you enjoy this article. Written by Ray McIntyre, Doggie […]


I wouldn’t be the only one in our community that has struggled with mental health over the years. For me, social anxiety and isolation have been burdens. We didn’t get a dog until 2010 and I could immediately feel the differences once I joined this massive dog community. Some interesting facts – Australia continues to […]

Mental Disorders in Dogs

Wow just reading the title makes you think carefully about your dog. Here at Doggie Dates NSW we always talk about how attending walks and socialising improves mental health in humans, but have you ever wondered about the mental health status of your dog? The attached link explains it all so thoroughly and it directly […]