I thought it appropriate to introduce you all to the person I call my ‘long suffering husband.”

I love this photo of him with Danny the resin dog taken at Dogs in the Park recently. He tried to enter him in the happiest dog competition which gives you an idea of my husband.

Many of you know of him. He is the one who often walks off by himself with his dog, not waiting around, likes to start the walks ON TIME and keeps us on track with regards to this. He is also known for his shocking dad jokes and ridiculous online comments which many people don’t perhaps quite know how to take. I know he is missed when he isn’t there because everyone asks, “where’s Richard.”

If it weren’t for my husband (his actual name is Richard or as some of you like to call him ‘R’, as that is how I frequently refer to him online), I can pretty much guarantee that Doggie Dates would not be here today. He has funded it from the start and been my quiet and consistent cheerleader and supporter.

Richard isn’t the big dog lover like many of us are. He loves his dogs, but he isn’t crazy about everyone else’s dogs (horrors). He doesn’t dislike them – he just doesn’t share the passion.  So the fact that he comes along time and time again is more of a credit to him of his support in my venture.

I thought I would list the things Richard has funded or helped to fund over the years for us and give his business a plug as that is why I am writing about him today. My own business has also helped but Richard has been the main contributor.

Richard’s Day Job

(i.e. what he is doing when he isn’t helping at Doggie Dates)

We would like to give Richard a little plug as our only real sponsor and main suppawtor of Doggie Dates NSW who has never actually advertised on the pages and rarely mentions what he does.

Note: When I asked Richard to sum up what his role was, he said, “salad” …

Richard’s role in his business (CSA Financial Solutions) is to provide an asset finance facility for clients to access major lenders and the vast products they may have. Therefore, CSA can assist you in gaining finance at a competitive rate for your car, truck or any business-related asset.  CSA also has an Australian credit licence enabling them to help you finance your personal vehicles as well.   

Here is a photo of Richard’s business card. Please give him a call if you think he can help you.  Any accountants and small business owners on the page may also be interested in having a conversation with him as well as anyone looking to upgrade their vehicle in the near future. CSA Can assist individuals and businesses Australia-wide.

* Richard does not do personal loans or mortgages.

Some additional random information:

Thank you, Richard, for your support and dedication to my venture and passion. Not only do I appreciate it but the whole group does. And secretly we may just like your dad jokes a ‘little.’

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  1. Its wonderful that Richard is your biggest supporter. It’s always interesting to find out a little bit more about someone and what they do and like. On a side note, I must admit, I liked hearing that old fashioned music while cleaning.

  2. Hi Richard. You sound like a very interesting person. I would like to chat to you next time. I have two whippets. Look for me at tomorrow event.

  3. Teddy what a great tribute to the man behind the woman! I have got to know R a little better each time at Doggie Dates & a few of the events we have attended & it is obvious he is a good man, funny & with a big good heart. It’s always fun to find out more about the person behind the face & I’m lucky enough to know & be friends with you both. Keep up those dry jokes as most of the time I get them. Maybe you can share some more tomoz at the next event. Archie thinks he is good for a tumble play on the ground even if Lucy gets a bit jealous lol 😂

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